I regularly speak at all kinds of different events, predominantly in Australia. Gigs range from education in Game Development over interviews to panel discussions and talks at Game Developer events and conferences.


GDC 2018
Good Game Design Is like a Good Magic Trick – UX Summit

Co-op for Humanity: Collaborative Virtual Reality for Astronaut Training – VRDC

Mental Health and Making It: Succeeding Through the Struggles – Main Conference

Moving Past Women in Games 101 – Roundtable, IGDA Foundation

MCV Pacific 30 Under 30 2018
Named as one of MCV Pacific’s 30 Under 30


Rolling Stone Magazine Publication: Game Design Science
“Game Creation Magic Is More Science Than Smoke and Mirrors:

Polygon Publication: Hidden Game Design
“Games aren’t always fair, the magic lies in making you think they are”

GDC 2017
“Microtalks to challenge the Industry”

MCV Pacific Women in Games 2017
Nominated to be one of 30 most influential women in games in Oceania

GX Australia
“Dealing with Trauma and Abuse as Game Developers”
“Hack your Twine Game”
“Polyamory and Geek Culture”


GX Australia
“Hot Spot: Female Sexuality in Gaming Communities”
“Loving Many: Polyamory in Video Games”
“With a Smile: Comedy in Video Games”
“Everything You Love Is Terrible”

Powerhouse Museum
“Why Game Design can help every Designer”
“Arduino Implementation”

“Australia’s Indie evolution on an island far away”
Polygon article about Objects in Space and the Sydney game developer meetup

Twitch Live @PAX East
Objects in Space livestream

MCV Pacific Women in Games 2016
Nominated to be one of 100 most influential women in games in Oceania

“How to teach and facilitate Creativity”

“Game Design Challenge”

PAX Australia
“STEM Challenge Panel”
“VR Development Hype Train”
“Cyber Harassment”
“Game Development explained with Sock Puppets”

MCV Pacific 30under30
Named as one of the most influential 30 under 30 in the Oceania region


PAX Australia – “Game Design Challenge”
PAX Australia – “Playing Nice With Publishers”