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Earthlight is a first-person narrative game about what it means to become an astronaut, the hardships and wonders of human spaceflight and a love letter to planet earth.
The game puts players in the shoes of Sohelia Nazir to experience her journey from the very beginning to the very end of her life, distilling in a captivating experience what astronauts describe as the “Overview Effect”: A deep love and connection to planet earth and all of humanity, clinging to a fragile, bright ball of life hanging in the void of an endless universe.

Project Details

Client: Opaque Space

Date: July 4, 2017


The Earthlight franchise is known for its unusual intersection between games for entertainment as well as its partial use at NASA's Johnson Space Centre for astronaut training. The IP stretches from the short, Vive X acclaimed Earthlight: Spacewalk, over Earthlight: Lunar Mission to a yet unannounced new title. My role on the Earthlight franchise is that of the sole Game Design Lead, making all decisions on gameplay and interaction as well as full narrative and writing.
The project has received international attention and was picked up by the VIVE X accelerator program. Publications such as Rock Paper Shotgun, Kotaku, Gizmodo, Time Magazine and many more. Earthlight: Spacewalk won Game of the Year at the Australian Game Developer Awards in 2017, was Serious Games Showcase (Industry) Winner at the Australasian Simulation Congress and was awarded the People's Choice Award for Best Serious Game at ITSEC.

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