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Take charge of a small group of survivors struggling to stay alive in a world where the undead shamble towards any living creature, merciless in their insatiable hunger.

Form a band of survivors from over 24 unique Heroes, each with a unique style, interesting backstory and different attack qualities! Send parties out to raid rival Bases, clean out Zombie-Hives, search for supplies or stay on Guard-Duty!

Project Details

Client: GameSpree

Date: December 30, 2014


Redwater Hills is a co-development project between two Berlin-based companies. Working for Gamespree, the publisher, I used to be in charge of coordinating Game Design with the development team at Exozet as contractors. I gained experience in all areas of development, focusing on balancing, UI design, AI design and monetization.
I left the company when it was bought by the Gamigo group in 2014. The game is still in development...

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