Jennifer Scheurle



Game Design, 100
Digital Illustration, 100
Mentoring, 100
Public Speaking, 100

Jennifer Scheurle is a multi-award winning and world-travelling Game Designer and public speaker who has worked on 10+ released titles since she started working in the industry over 6 years ago. Born and raised in Germany and with a Bachelor of Arts (hons) in game development, she has played her role in Europe’s thriving indie game scene. She was named as one of the 30 most influential women in game development in 2017 by the Australian MCV Pacific. In 2017 and 2018, she made MCV Pacific’s 30 Under 30 list.

Currently, Jennifer is working as the Game Design Lead at Melbourne-based Opaque Space, mainly designing the internationally acclaimed Earthlight in collaboration with NASA. The game won Game of the Year at the Australian Game Developer Awards in 2017.

Beyond that, she works with Flat Earth Games on Objects in Space, which won the PAX Australia Indie Showcase in 2016 and was nominated for its physical controller set for the Alt.Ctrl.GDC award in 2017.


Game Design is what I live and breathe. I believe in it as a universal tool for user experiences of our time.

Play is a fundamental aspect of the human experience and its many facets can not only help to entertain, but also to invoke emotions, foster learning and create connection.
My design work is dedicated to the human psyche, how we experience play and all adjacent aspects of it.

My heart lies with traditional game design, but I have been able to apply my knowledge and expertise to tangible field such as exploring possibilities for astronaut training in collaboration with NASA.

Traditional art is my original background, now it helps me with my work.

My background before studying interactive entertainment originates in a love for art. However, I always drifted towards tangible, functional designs, eventually leading me towards video games – the ultimate media to combine different art forms with a heavy focus on functionality and purpose.

Now, my background in traditional art and illustration helps my work as a game designer, visualizing concept and illustrating key art for projects and pitches.

My experience in education has allowed for pathways into consultancy and mentorship.

With two years of experience in game design and production education as well as developing curriculum content for all over Australia, I had the chance to forge pathways for mentorship and consultancy.
Community is important to me, sharing information and knowledge is an important part of it.

Please feel invited to contact me if you have any general questions or are in need for advice: I believe that mentorship – if time allows – should be free.

Exchange and communication is what forges strong communities of creators.

For over 3 years now, I have actively put my time into fostering and engaging with my creator community, offering public speaking in my fields all over the world. I believe that sharing knowledge is the key to better products, work and advancement.
Always feel free to approach me for events – no matter how small.

My speaking experience includes smaller events such as museums and schools, but also involves conferences such as NZGDC, PAX Australia, GCAP Australia and GDC.


See my latest projects here or navigate to my portfolio section.